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Privacy Policy
The Flour Millers Association (hereinafter referred to as "the association") considers the proper protection of all personal information provided by customers and individuals involved with the association to be an important social duty. Based on the below policy, we are thorough in our protection, management, operation, and usage of personal information.
Enacted: February 28, 2008

Personal Information Protection Policy
This protection policy is a collection of basic items to be strictly enforced. It was established for the proper management of the personal information possessed by the association.
1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
The association shall comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information.
2. Proper Management of Information
The association shall appoint a personal information manager and take measures in order to carry out the proper prevention and revisions concerning the illicit usage, loss, destruction, alteration, and divulging of personal information. Further, the association shall have all workers undergo educational training concerning the handling of personal information to ensure proper management of information. Please note that we consider company information to be in the same category as personal information, and include it in this management.
3. Objective and Scope for Collecting Information
When being entrusted with personal information, the association shall make the collection objective clear, and shall collect personal information within the necessary scope.
4. Usage within the Scope of the Collection Objective
The association shall not use, provide, or entrust others with personal information beyond the scope of the collection objective for which the agreement of the individual or a guardian has been obtained, or the scope of requests based on laws and regulations.
5. Limitations and Management of Usage, Etc.
The association shall keep the personal information in its possession confidential, and shall conduct proper management so as not to use said information in excess of the scope of the collection objective for which it has obtained agreement, or the scope of requests based on laws and regulations.
Based upon the scope of the collection objective for which it has obtained agreement, in cases of transferring personal information to/from external parties, the association shall strictly manage said personal information.
6. Continued Improvements
In order to properly manage personal information, the association shall be up-to-date with laws, regulations, and changes in information technology, frequently reexamine the management structure, and conduct continued improvements.

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